NEW OPbox MKIV Brushless Drive System (Inc. ESCs)

NEW OPbox MKIV Brushless Drive System (Inc. ESCs)

PLEASE NOTE: Complete systems are available as preorder. Will ship after Chinese New year.

OwObotics' OPbox MKIV Brushless Gearmotors give you the pushing power you need to dominate, whilst being hipster as heck.

Featuring all-metal 24mm gearboxes with super beefy 6mm output shafts, coupled to a CUSTOM MADE BE1806 brushless motor, this motion solution weighs in at only 63g per side - saving 40g total in your machine versus the standard 25mm 1000RPM brushed gearmotor, whilst delivering an order of magnitude more power and torque.

These motors feature a 27:1 gearbox, allowing for lower, more controllable speeds versus the MKII with the more powerful 2300kv motors, versus competitors using 15:1 gearboxes with weaker 1400kv setups.

The NEW BLHeli_32 ESCs are rated at 35A, and provide excellent startup torque with instantaneous reversing, in a new, lightweight form factor.

It is recommended to run this system on 3S LiPo/LiHV batteries, however the electronics can handle 4S power, at your own risk.

This new version is much more suited to direct driving wheels, thanks to the super beefy 6mm output shafts, and double ball bearings. The planet gears are also far more robust than the MKII, lending to superior durability.

Please be aware that your motors may be made to order, or backordered. I will let you know of the situation if this is true.

Due to the nature of the intended use for these motors, returns are not accepted unless the unit is faulty and this is reported within 7 days of receiving the item. All setups are tested before shipping. Full support will be provided for any issues you may encounter.

Voltage: 2S-4S LiPo
Speed: 1073rpm @3S LiPo, 1431rpm @4S LiPo
Torque (Theoretical): 5.94Nm @3S LiPo, 7.94Nm @4S LiPo
Max diameter: 23mm

ESC Spec:
Voltage: 2S-5S LiPo
Current: 35A
Firmware: BLHeli_32


2x OPbox MKIV brushless gearmotors
2x OwObotics 35A BLHeli_32 Drive ESC